danish pavilion

Danish Pavilion in Shanghai

This is a time to learn, explore, create and enjoy the process.

We offer online individual and group workshop sessions and in-studio classes. We are also happy to work with teachers in their classrooms to focus on a specific aspect of architecture such as sustainable design, math concepts or historical context of built structures. Outside of the classroom, we are available for before-school and after-school workshops.

Each workshop focuses on a specific topic and information provided by way of images and discussion. Then, the information is synthesized and a solution to a specific design challenge is created by the student.

The online workshops consist of four 1 1/2 hour sessions with additional activities between each session. In-house workshops are two-hour sessions on four consecutive weekdays or Saturdays.

The teacher will be available for questions via Basecamp between sessions.

Many of the math concepts that the students are learning in school are reinforced in the classes along with history and social studies. The best part is that the students are having fun at the same time!

Some of the areas of exploration that are covered during these class sessions are:

How we live: Adjacency of different building types, relationship of human activities to the organizations of towns and cities, circulation patterns and an increased awareness of our built environment.

Indoor playground in Tokyo.

Indoor playground in Tokyo.

Cultural values: What is important in different cultures and how it is expressed in built form.

History: How our building types have developed over the centuries and why.

City planning: We will look at layouts of different cities around the world and use those ideas for designing a new town.

Confidence in ideas: Sometimes we lose confidence in ourselves and our ideas. In these sessions, everyone’s ideas have merit and creativity is encouraged.

A solar forest

A solar forest

The students also learn how to draw to scale floor plans and elevations. It is their option to learn how to draw isometrics and in perspective and to build their models to scale.


For additional information, send an email to Dora.Taylor@icloud.com.


Please Note:

We now offer workshops for adults. For additional information regarding those workshops, please go to Architecture 101 for All.


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Whoever came up with the idea of recycling shipping containers for housing purposes is/was ahead of his/her time. There are so many good reasons to salvage these strong metal boxes, then introducing them to children/people as potential building materials is/was another smart move. What a wonderful way to increase the practical choices for building materials while reusing our resources, rather than scraping the metal, or worse, simply discarding it to deteriorate with time.

It just allows their imagination to grow in any way they want. It shows many life lessons, like divide and conquer and to never give up. If only they could teach this at school… This is a good STEAM project for STAAR night. (exclusive in TX…) It fits in with almost all the subjects teachers WANT to teach, math, science, social studies, etc…

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