For students considering a career in architecture


Sometimes a student expresses a strong interest in architecture and wants to learn more about the path to being an architect.

For those students, we offer additional guidance during the workshops. The class structure is as follows:


To learn:

The process of becoming an architect

What classes to take in high school

How to select the right school for you

What students do in school

What you should know when going into an office

What we do in an office

Process of a project

The classes follow the typical structure of the workshops offered with additional information provided.

Week 1:

Review images of selected building type and discuss

Develop a program

Talk about the process of becoming an architect, from high school to a degree in architecture.

Week 2:

Begin sketches of a design solution

Learn how to draw to scale

Learn what an architecture student learns and does in school and is recommended to do in the summers.

Week 3:

Draw a floor plan of your design to scale and begin a model.

Discussion on what you should know when working in an office as an intern.

Week 4:

Continue with model

A description of what architects do in an office and the project process.

Avenues an architect can take upon graduation.

Between meetings, the student and parents/guardians are welcome to ask additional questions. I am always glad to provide follow-up.

We want every student to succeed in their goals.

Class fee: $165


4 thoughts on “For students considering a career in architecture

  1. My daughter is in grade 6 and she has been considering being an architect for some years now. It would be great if I could get some guidance in persuing her interest. Thanks

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