Living inside the box

Michele Bertomen and David Boyle bought an empty 20-by-40-foot lot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They planned to build something traditional, but when the bid for the masonary envelope (the building without plumbing, electricity) came back at over $300,000, they re-evaluated. The couple decided to try shipping containers–which cost them about $50,000 for the building envelope. Bertomen, an architect, and Boyle, the general contractor, designed and oversaw construction of their home.


The sliding house

The goal was to build a house to retire to in order to grow food, entertain and enjoy the English landscape. The outcome was unconventional and very interesting, a structure that has the ability to vary or connect the overall building’s composition and character according to season, weather or simply to enjoy.


Home Delivery

The Museum of Modern Art in New York had an exhibit in 2008 titled “Home Delivery”. The exhibit addressed one of the hot topics in architecture- prefabricated housing.

The idea of making houses in factories addresses central issues as sustainability, low cost and speed of production. Barry Bergdoll, MoMA’s chief curator of Architecture & Design, gives us a tour of the five houses erected for the show. These range from a second home on a beach to a digitally fabricated design that would replace the lost homes in New Orleans.

During the tour he speaks to the architects Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake of the Cellophane House, Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier of Burst* 008, and Oskar Leo Kaufmann of System3 about the specifics of their design.


The Cube House

What can you put into a 10 foot cube?


Sleeping Quarters of the Space Station

Commander Kelly, former captain of the space station, shows us his “bedroom”. Another study in the use of space, so to speak.


How to Build a House

Here are the basics.

And for something a little more complex:


The Aquatic Center for the 2012 Olympics in London


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