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I started to work online with students when, in 2015, someone from my daughter’s high school wanted to learn about co-housing but at the time I was out of the country. I had been teaching at her high school previously, working with a history teacher going through the periods from Mesopotamia through Egypt and to Rome, discussing how the social and political aspects of life affect how buildings are designed and what buildings are important to people in each time-frame.

The online class on co-housing worked out well for both of us and the demand increased over time. Now I offer online classes on a regular basis.

The online classes are on-to-one in-person one-hour sessions for four consecutive weeks and each student receives individual attention. This provides an opportunity to go with the pace of the student and respond to the interest of each student as they progress through the class.

There are activities to do between classes and are based on how much time can be spent on the assignments taking into account the school workload.

The classes are held via Zoom

Thanks to the online conferencing tool Zoom as a way to effectively communicate, we have students in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the UK,  Mexico, Barbados, Australia, the Philippines, Timor, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan and Oman with a plan to expand into additional countries throughout the year.

The PowerPoints, links, images and class schedule are posted on Basecamp.

Basecamp is a site that can be shared and every time information is posted you and your student will be notified and able to access the information immediately.

During the class, I go over images and concepts with the student, discuss the topic in-depth, answer questions and work with the student on drawing designs and constructing models.

The sessions are made up of four one-hour one-to-one video classes with activities to do between the meetings.

At the end of the class, the student has a set of drawings, sketches, scale drawings, a model and a greater understanding of the built environment. If the student is interested in moving forward in their exploration of architecture, we can do a succession of classes based on the student’s interest.

I am glad to discuss the classes further with a parent or guardian either by phone or a video chat via Zoom. Sometimes it’s helpful for me to speak to the parent/guardian and student, answering questions and providing examples of what the class will be like.

For Homeschool Students

An option for homeschool students is to have more than one student in a class participating online. With a parent present and the students in one location, the students can have an additional productive hour learning and work together with a parent available assisting the students with their drawings and models, after the formal class hour is over.

We can accommodate up to six students in a class. The students can be on their own computers or in a class setting.

The Details

We offer classes Tuesday through Thursday and on Saturdays.

There is no charge to students or their families to access Basecamp during the workshop period or to use the teleconferencing tools.

The fee for one student is $175 USD or the equal amount in all other currencies.

For more than one student participating in a class, the fee is $155 USD or the equivalent in all other currencies per student.

For group classes to be offered in schools or after school programs, the fee is lower and can be determined after understanding the size of the class and the number of sessions. I fully support public schools and will be glad to work with teachers and parent groups on the fee.


The materials needed for the online workshops are:

  • Drawing paper. This can be newsprint, copy paper or other paper that is easy to obtain.
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Ruler

If the student chooses to create a model after drawing their design:

  • Cardboard: This can be poster board, cardboard cut from boxes or other material that is paper but has a stiffness and easy to cut with scissors.
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors

Materials that are nice to have but not necessary:

  • Color pencils and markers.
  • Color paper
  • String and wire
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric scraps for the model
  • Paper towel and toilet paper tubes for the model
  • Straws
  • Any other materials that you come across that can be used for a model from paper egg crates to pieces of screen or clear plastic.
  • As we work on the models, the students are encouraged to look for items around the house that can be used. This does not need to be a big expense. It’s best for students to think about what can be creatively used or re-used.

Age requirements:

The age range is 8 to 16 years, grades 3 through 12.

For any other questions, please send an email to us at

-Dora Taylor

49 thoughts on “Online classes

    • I am so glad to hear you want to be an architect!

      I love what I do and am very happy I chose the profession.

      If you want to take a class and learn more about it, please let your parent or guardian know and I can talk to them about it.

      Dora Taylor

    • I am in 6th grade and I want to be an architect specifically for Modern, Colonial, Contemporary, Victorian, Mid-century modern, Dutch Colonial, Pueblo Revival, American foursquare, and International architecture. I would also love to be my own boss if that is possible (:

  1. Hi, I am from Malaysia and my 10 yrs old daughter would like to explore into architecture. However, due to the huge time zone difference, 12hours between NYC and Malaysia, I am wondering if u would conduct classes on Sat 9am or 10am Malaysia time? If yes, I would love to discuss further with you on this matter. Thank you.

  2. Hi Dora. My son is in 8th grade and is very talented when it comes to design in a game called Roblox. I wonder if this can be leveraged to a creer in architecture. how can I learn more?

  3. Hello. Where do we sign up for the course? My son is very interested in architecture snd already knows he wants to do that when he grows up. He’s 13 now and in 7th grade.

  4. Hi,

    My son and nephew are very interested in architecture. This program looks amazing. What would best fit for them.?

    Thank you
    Erin Galea

  5. Hi Dora,
    My name is Leen and I am from Saudi Arabia. Me and my little brother are interested in Architecture. I am in 9th grade and My little brother is in 5th grade.
    Many thanks,
    Leen Alsaaid

  6. Hi Dora, This sounds so exciting! My ten year old son is fond of designing houses in minecraft :) and I feel something like this could be tremendously exciting in such learning and exploring and expanding his mental horizons! Please do email me since I would love to sign him up.

  7. Hi there,
    My daughter is 13 and loves designing and wants to be an architect. Can you please provide me with more info about your classes online?



    • Natalia,

      The classes are taught in the same style as in an architecture school studio and the same way a design project is approached in a firm.
      In the first session we focus on the topic selected through images and discussion. During this time, the student will begin developing their own design of a building or a space. In the second class, if the student is ready to learn how to draw to scale, we take them through the process of drawing the room they are in to scale in plan and elevation. This helps them understand how to read architectural drawings.
      Depending upon the design and its complexity, I might have them begin creating a model in the second half of the third session, otherwise we continue with drawings and discuss additional information that comes up in the classes. By this time, the student has asked specific questions or is interested in a subject that branches off of the topic, so between classes, I will compile the information using images or a list of websites to visit and review together. Going over the new information happens during the third  and fourth class along with other activities that are planned including drawing and model-making.
      At the end of the project, the student has their design drawings, a floor plan and elevation to scale and a model or a complete set of drawings of their project.
      The workshops consist of four one-hour classes with activities to do between classes. The amount of time given to assignments is based on the amount of the student’s schoolwork and the family’s schedule.
      Usually the classes are weekly but I know with family schedules that isn’t always doable so we can be flexible in terms of dates.
      The process is that you and I set a time and the days of the classes while your student selects a topic from the class description list.
      After the dates and subject are decided upon, I will send you an invitation through TransferWise for the fee.
      In the meantime, I set up a Basecamp site where you will have access to all class material and be updated on what is discussed during the classes. An email will be sent to you immediately with all updates from Basecamp.
      I will contact you directly to answer any other questions you may have.



    • Carmen,

      There is no need for additional training in drawing to take a class. Students do sketches and learn the visual language architects use to show their ideas. It is easy for students to learn and use.

      I will contact you directly and we can discuss further.


  8. Hello,
    I am 13 years old and i want to be an architect.
    Will these courses fit inn with normal school schedule?
    I wonder if this is a course for me


  9. I am in 6th grade and I want to be an architect specifically for Modern, Colonial, Contemporary, Victorian, Mid-century modern, Dutch Colonial, Pueblo Revival, American foursquare, and International architecture. I would also love to be my own boss if that is possible (:

  10. Hi,

    We are from Sydney, Australia. My son is studying Year 9 (14 years old) in high school. He loves architecture and in general wants to learn more about it. He is already having some design classes. Just wondering, you can take the sessions to him.



  11. Hi Dora,

    My son was given a score of 20/20 on Spatial Orientation in his IQ test. He is also quote good at Minecraft and given these 2 aspects, he is wondering is this can be leveraged to a career in Architecture. Please advise.

    He is soon to turn 14.

    • The best way for a student to find out if architecture is a path for them is to be introduced to the subject and go through a version of the design process while working on a project they design.

      During that time they begin to understand what architects do and how we approach an architectural project.

      I will contact you directly to answer anymore of your questions.


  12. Hello. Is this class available in the US? Is it still being taught online? Also, I currently have a 9yo on the autism spectrum, though high functioning, which loves creating buildings, structures and designs. Please advise if you have worked with individuals like him.

    • The class is taught online and yes, we work with students in the US and all other countries.

      I have taught students along the spectrum and what matters is their creativity and the joy they receive from learning how to express that creativity by developing a project.

      I will contact you directly so we can communicate privately.


  13. Hi Dora, my son is interested to attend this program. Please contact me via email so that I can register him to an available slot you have.

    Thank you!
    Best regards,

  14. Hi Dora,
    My 10 year old daughter is interested in learning more about architecture. Do you have certain start dates for this class? And is there any prerequisite to take your class?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Bryan,

      The class times are based on the family’s schedule and my availability.

      There are no requirements for being a part of a class. The classes are an introduction to architecture and I work with students in terms of where they are in their abilities and interests.

      I will contact you directly to answer any other of your questions you may have.


  15. Hello! My name is Angel and i’m 11 in the 7th grade. I grew quite interested in architecture. Specifically designs like Dark Acadamia, Dark Rustic Modern, Rustic Mountain, and CottageCore Themed Houses.

  16. Hi Ms. Taylor,
    I am currently in grade 7 and interested in architecture; specifically sustainable and environment-friendly architecture. Seeing as how I might like to pursue this as a career later on, I would love to take this course to educate myself on the profession!
    I am presently in the Pacific Time Zone. Would there be any issue with that concerning time difference?


    Marisol Alessio

  17. Hi, I was hoping to get your availability for March or the soonest available slot for an online class. This is for a 10-year-old. Thank you.

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