Architecture 101 in Schools

Future Cities: From Le Corbusier's Radiant City to the Dutch "Breathing City 2050" ,Ouhai district Wenzhou / VenhoevenCS. Image Courtesy of VenhoevenCS

Above: Wenzhou Ouhai South new city concept

Beginning in the Fall of 2021, we will be offering introductory classes in architecture to students grades 3 through high school.

The classes can be part of an established class in geometry, art, science or history, complementing the planned curriculum, or as an after-school program.

I have taught in several schools in Seattle, Washington over the years, working with teachers at the high school level at Nova High School and The Center School and offering before and after-school programs at Lowell, John Stanford, Queen Anne, Stevens, Orca, Madrona, Salmon Bay, TOPS and Hamilton.

The process of introducing architecture to students is the same online using Zoom and a screen to show images, have discussions and provide drawing and model-making techniques.

Most of the subjects can be taught at any grade level, we tailor the classes to the needs, abilities and interests of the students.

For a suggested outline of grade levels and subjects:

Elementary School:


Amusement Parks

Town Planning

Egyptian Design and Architecture

Middle School:

Town Planning


Contemporary Design and Architecture

Interior Design

High School:

Geometry in Architecture (This class will develop based on the teacher’s curriculum.)

Architectural History (This can be based on the area studied in class.)

Contemporary Architecture

Careers in Architecture

A Sustainable House

Town Planning

Interior Design

Please see Class Descriptions for additional information about each class.

What We Do

The teaching we do is referred to as project-based learning and we believe an effective way to teach young people. The student is provided with information and a challenge and using visual tools we provide, develops a solution. The students have the opportunity to use what they have learned in their school classes in another form reinforcing the knowledge they have gained while developing their critical and creative thinking skills.

We bring into the learning experience math concepts, history, art and principles of sustainability complementing the information they are learning in school. This helps to reinforce their new found knowledge with additional ideas and concepts.

The experience the student has is very similar to working in a studio environment, whether in a school of architecture or in a design firm.

The best part is that the students are having fun being creative and learning while they are processing new information.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about how we can work with you, please contact us at